How Smart Valet Ticket Works?

  • Step 1: Valet give the Vehicle Claim Check to the guest (Ticket bottom part)

  • Step 2: Guest is about to leave the property and (s)he scans the QR from Vehicle Claim Check via Camera (no app installation require) and clicks the Request to Bring Car button.

  • Step 3: Valet staff will get a request alert via Text, App push notification, eMail

  • How To Activate Your Smart Ticket?

  • Step 1: Scan the QR code

  • Step 2: Enter the cell number where you would like to receive the Request to Bring Car cell text alert.


  • Step 3: Verify the cell number with the 6-digit OTP (one-Time-Password)

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    How To Access Other Value-added Features?

  • To get App Push Notification visit and download the DD Digital app

  • SignIn with cell number (Step 2: +1 XXX XXX XXXX), OTP and default PIN 0000

  • To get Email notification open DD Digital app >> goto Settings >> Email Setup >> add emails

  • For demo or support please reach out to us OR Scan below code